Mar 19 2009

A Dog Poem


Before I met Roger, I had no idea I would be a dog person.  Now, I can’t imagine life without all four critters.  I’ve learned that real love is being willing to clean up all sorts of dog and cat accidents. This is a great poem about life borrowed from the Writer’s Almanac.

The Meaning of Life

by Nancy Fitzgerald

There is a moment just before
a dog vomits when its stomach
heaves dry, pumping what’s deep
inside the belly to the mouth.
If you are fast you can grab
her by the collar and shove her
out the door, avoid the slimy bile,
hunks of half chewed food
from landing on the floor.
You must be quick, decisive,
controlled, and if you miss
the cue and the dog erupts
en route, you must forgive
her quickly and give yourself
to scrubbing up the mess.

Most of what I have learned
in life leads back to this.

“The Meaning of Life” by Nancy Fitzgerald from Poems I Never Wrote.