Jul 11 2010

Our Southwestern Honeysun


Roger and I went on our “honeysun” to the Four Corners area for 16 days.  We traveled over 2000 miles in our rented Ford Edge, over paved and decidedly unpaved roads.  Every day brought amazing experiences hiking and camping in the breathtaking environment.  Some highlights include:  the light in Santa Fe, sunsets on Mesa Verde, Dead Horse Point State Park, camping on BLM land at Valley of the Gods, seeing a herd of bull elk and a kit fox, hiking Aztec Butte, the 16% grade switchback descent from the top of Black Canyon of the Gunnison to the bottom, the ruins at Hovenweep, and just about everything at Chaco Canyon.

We listened to an outstanding presentation on the night stars at national parks given by Dr. Tyler Nordgren and bought copies of his new book, Stars Above, Earth Below.  (Here is a link to his website which includes the Powerpoints and his blog: http://newton.uor.edu/FacultyFolder/tyler_nordgren/index.html)

Just about every photo we took (all 400+ of them) brings back a special memory.

Roger discovered “Trip Journal,” a great iPhone app (99 cents) that allows the user to set waypoints, organize and label photos, and take notes.  The output is a nifty map of the trip, including the photos and comments.  The entire trip can be exported to Facebook (yikes!  My friends would unfriend me.), Flickr, Google Earth and more.  I am especially thankful for the ability to take quick notes in my iPhone trip journal.  Next, I plan to put the whole honeysun into a Shutterfly book.  By the fall, I will be able to “thrill” any guest with a variety of media about our trip.

Every regular domestic day with Roger is terrific, but our honeysun is unforgettable.

Oct 31 2009

Slumber Party!

Our first annual sleepover!

Our first annual sleepover!

While Roger was in the woods, I was having a sleep over with all of my sisters and mom.  Ed took care of all of us with plenty of food and special treats.  We watched The Proposal, which is an excellent chick flick.  Matching pajamas–even Adrienne agreed to wear them.  Need I say more? (P.S.  Barbara and I spent the night comparing our new iPhones.  This is my first photo with the camera.  A little blurry.  I’m going to have to work on that.)

Jul 7 2009

Hiking in Patapsco State Park


photo_070509_001To make certain we got some exercise, we invited Roger’s dear friend, Caroline, to go hiking on Sunday, July 5.  (By extending an invitation, it meant that we could not back out and decide we were too tired.) At first, we were just checking out the deer hunting possibilities at the end of River Road where there are 400 acres of hunting ground in Patapsco State Park.  Then, we went deeper into the woods.  At some point we had to decide right or left, forward or go back, toward or away from the river.  We weren’t exactly certain where to go.  What does Roger do?  iPhone, of course.  He consulted his GPS application and directed us to the road.  Amazing.  I really don’t like the iPhone.  Really.

Mar 26 2009

Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo


Dead Aid:  Why Aid is Not Working and How there is Another Way for Africa.  Heard this author and economist on NPR and haven’t stopped thinking about her book.  She is going to be on CNN talking to Fareed Zakirha on April 5.  Check out her website.  Has anyone read this book?  I want to know more about her perspective. Maybe I can get Roger to Kindle this for his iPhone?  Did I just write that?deadaid_jpg_display


Feb 12 2009

iPhone Widow


On February 8, we marked 11 months of happiness as a couple. Then, Roger bought an iPhone. I went on line to see if there was a support group for newly neglected women like me. Several blogs mention the possibility of forming one. Melissa Summers, a writer in Detroit, posts this on her blog. “. . .My husband is ALWAYS on his, so I’ve been thinking of forming The iPhone Widows’ Club. With jackets and everything.”

Melissa, I am ready to be a charter member.
Roger would probably say this is another expression of my severe case of iPhone envy. . .