Jun 24 2009

Growing Report

Dom, Natalie, & CJ inspecting the cows at Italia Farms, where we stopped to visit on our way to Missouri.

Dom, Natalie, & CJ inspecting the cows at Italia Farms, where we stopped to visit on our way to Missouri.

It’s amazing how much happens in the garden when you’re away for six days.  The squash plants quadrupled in size, at least.  The beans are about to crest the top of their arbor trellis, the arched doorway.  We had to pull most of the lettuce, for fear it will bolt in these hot days; we’ll be eating a lot of salad.  The tomatoes are doing wonderfully, some with green fruit now.

We drove over 2,000 miles, to Missouri and back.  Natalie and I were delighted to get back.  The dogs were happy to see us, too.


World's Largest Rocker, outside Cuba, Missouri

Jun 16 2009

Hung Out To Dry


Natalie’s happy, she’s got her clothesline.  We tested it with just a few pieces hung out last night.  That clothespin bag is her handiwork that she whipped together last evening.


Jun 14 2009

Lettuce and Clotheslines


Yesterday, we put in the base poles for the clothesline.  Roger says that we can start hanging clothes by Wednesday!!!  We ate this beautiful lettuce for dinner.lettuce-06-14-09

Jun 13 2009

A Plea for Mercy


Leo stopped by this morning.  He gave us grief for not going to church.  Now, I am a believer in going to church; however, I am also good at excuses.  I liked this poem from “The Writer’s Almanac.”  Since I will be needing mercy, it fits my attitude.

A Plea For Mercy

by Anne Porter

When I am brought before the Lord
What can I say to him
How plead for mercy?

I’ll say I loved
My husband and the five
Children we had together
Though I was most unworthy

I’ll say I loved
The summer mornings
I loved the way the sun comes up
And sets the dew on fire
I loved the way
The cobwebs shine
On the tall grass
When they are strung with dew

I’ll say I loved
The way that little bird
The titmouse flies
I’ll say I loved
Its lightness
And beauty.

“A Plea For Mercy” by Anne Porter, from Living Things Collected Poems. © Zoland Books, 2006.

Jun 13 2009

One Millionth Word


CNN reported that the English Language added its one millionth word on Wednesday.  I missed it, but I’m sure that the cosmic exhileration I was feeling on June 10 had a source.  Note that “Obamamania” and “wardrobe malfunction” are recent contributions. 


Jun 10 2009

All Fenced In. Free At Last!


We finished the fence Sunday a week ago, but this is the first chance I’ve had to put photos up.  7.5′ tall, x 37′ x 48′.  Or thereabouts storecialis.net.  It’s really nice to actually be able to garden, instead of fencing.  Good luck, deer!

Garden fence detail; tomato towers in background

Garden fence detail; tomato towers in background

Full view of the garden from the West

Full view of the garden from the West

Jun 7 2009

Ravishing Radishes and More!


Today, we weeded and fertilized the garden, as well as completed other chores–mulch, grass cutting, planting.  I used Roger’s Japanese hand-hoe (which is for right-handed people only–a little awkward for me).  It is called a Negiri Gama Hoe.  It made weeding a breeze, and I don’t understand why all gardeners don’t consider this an essential.  We collected another round of radishes and picked enough lettuce for five salads.  We have a garden toad–I hope that’s good luck.  We have a garden rabbit, but he’s only ceramic.lettuce6-07-09

Jun 2 2009

The Garden of Eatin’



On Sunday, Roger and I put up the green mesh for the fence.  Leo came along and gave advice throughout the process.  It helps to have a man who has already (a) done most of the prep labor and (b) done all of the thinking.   Although we usually work in harmony, I was suprised that this difficult task went so well. It was a three-hour job, but there is no question that the final product is beautiful.

After Roger put the finishing touches on the gate, we sad pondering the name for our garden.  No final decisions yet.  The finished product gives as much satisfaction as the vegetables that we will pick in August and September.