Dec 31 2009

New Year’s Eve–Bowling, What Else?


cosmic_snapshotWhile at first, I thought bowling on New Year’s was the ultimate in odd, Roger and I reported to Greenway Bowling in Odenton for our family’s New Year’s party, organized by Susan and Eric.  I lost to 6-year-old Ben in the first game, and he was gracious enough to console me.  Eric joined the action in the second game, and I discovered he is an old hand at bowling.  His average score is 160+  Roger and my combined score did not match Eric’s in the second game.  The bowling included pizza, soda, noisemakers and party hats.  There was a countdown to midnight at about 6:00 p.m adobe photoshop cs6 mac download., but the noisemakers were going all night.  The only improvement to this excellent evening would have been free Advil.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!  As I sit here typing this message, I have Roger, my family, the dogs and Noah around me.  There is nothing I could want.  Oh, yeah, well,  a marriage license would help.

Dec 26 2009

A Blessed Christmas


122509An odd couple, for sure!  Keeping in our 25+ year tradition, we celebrated Christmas Mass at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Silver Spring.  Shirley organized the pageant, as she does every year, instructing her angels and shepherds where they should stand, finding safe candles for little candle bearers, and she allowed Ian a last-minute run at 5:30 p.m. to Kohl’s for proper church clothes.  Everyone in the family from oldest to youngest was involved.  Tony and Nicole S. were most pious altar servers.   Roger was a candle bearer.  Nicole was in charge of the shepherds.  C.J. stood in as Joseph.  Emily was Mary, and Noah was the Little Lord Jesus.  He fulfilled his role without complaint.  It’s amazing to remember the first live baby Jesus was Ian, 21 years ago.  Our best family tradition continues!  (Only, who will be the Baby Jesus next year?  I shudder to contemplate the family possibilities!)

Dec 21 2009

Snow Day!


School is out until after the winter break!  There is no better Christmas present for me.  The Starego family came over today with pizza.  Nicole, Katie and I made our annual Christmas gifts for the family. (Surprise–not telling here!)  Katie overcame her fear of Blue long enough to be featured on the swing.  Life is very, very, good.

Dec 6 2009

Happy St. Nicholas Day!


Just returned from the annual family trek to see the lights at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland.  It’s $20 a car load this year but very much worth the expense.  The train garden, a miniature replica of familiar sights in Montgomery County, is worth the price alone.  We didn’t have time for the train scavenger hunt, but Nicole did find a live snail.

Dec 5 2009

Blue and Snow–All on Saturday


Unexpected?  Yes!  We received a call from our friends Leslie and Rick that the 12-week-old puppy, Blue, was ready for our home.  We made the trip to Wilmington, Delaware (a beautiful drive through the Brandywine Valley) and picked him up.  Already, Trixie and Blue are playing together, and the entire household has welcomed him.  He is cheerful and sweet-tempered.  Coincidentally, he romped in his first snowfall and chased snowballs all on our first day together.  Whew!  It’s 7:00 p.m. and I’m  exhausted!

I know, Mom.  This was unexpected.  Don’t worry.  (Well, OK.  Worry.) 

Dec 4 2009

Peabody Latin Jazz Concert


Jazz pianist, Peabody instructor, and Host of the Morning Jazz Show on WYRE, Tim Murphy, led the Latin Jazz Ensemble tonight in the East Hall at the Peabody.  We were surprised by the large crowd of fans.  Although the concert was shorter than we would have liked (45 minutes), the selections and performances were outstanding.  Roger tells me all of the tunes were standards:  “Seven Steps to Heaven,” “Silver Serenade,” Seguito’s Rumba,” “Daahoud,” “Never Let Me Go,” and “Mas Que Nada.”  I enjoyed the two vocalists, Amanda Bloom and Integriti Reeves.  Reeves had a beautiful voice that could have been Billie Holliday if we had heard it over the radio.  Of course, I don’t have anything brilliant and technical to say about the music, except that each solo was very accomplished.  Roger now wants Conga drums for Christmas.  That ought to go well with a puppy.  Imagine the beautiful music they will make together.  Maybe I need a cowbell.   120409Murphy