Jun 7 2010

Flower Power


final bed june 2010The love of my life completed the last bed and tilled compost into it this evening.  Then, I began my flower planting adventure.  I started with a row of hollyhocks.  It would help if I knew what the flowers will look like when I plant the bulbs.  When Roger and I reviewed later, I learned that hollyhocks grow to about 8 ft., so they’ll have to be moved once they come up.  There were four calla lily bulbs, several white dahlias, some zinnias, marigolds.  I think I threw in a row of azure allium bulbs that I got from a school fundraiser, but Roger says they’re too old to germinate.  I also did a planter box of forget-me-nots and a planter box of “flower mix” that I received in the mail from an insurance agent (I do not remember the date).  I put in about three dozen more gladioli bulbs in several other places in the garden an a couple of rows of marigolds in the lettuce beds.  I planted some more lettuce in the holes where we’ve eaten our lettuce, and I stuck some radishes in a row near the turnips.  If it all grows, it will surely be by the hand of God alone because this green thumb is suspect.