Aug 13 2010

Wedding Canopy Success


When we were planning our outdoor wedding, I looked for something appropriate as a backdrop for the ceremony.  The lattice canopy at the rental store fit the bill, but how to decorate it?

I looked online at images for a decorated canopy, but nothing seemed to fit.  Most were decorated for indoor weddings, had expensive flowers or were too frou frou.

Armed with about 150 yards of tulle, two decorative flower holders from Michael’s and an abundance of hydrangeas from the garden, my sisters and friends went to work a few hours before the wedding.  They created a beautiful setting for the ceremony, without making something that overwhelmed the yard.

I was very pleased with the result, and all of our wedding photos feature this canopy in the background.  I am posting photos to inspire some future DIY bride.Chuppah2


Aug 9 2010

Wedding Hairstyle


After the stylist I hired to do my hair had a scheduling complication (the frantic phone call the day before the wedding), Donna called Kim Moore, a stylist in Mt. Airy.  She agreed to make a house call on Sunday and transformed me from an ordinary woman of a “certain age” into a happy, radiant bride.  And she did this without practicing on me in advance!