Sep 20 2010

Hyacinth Beans–Crowning the end of the garden


Hyacinth Beans Closeup 9-19It may be September 20, but we’re still bringing in tomatoes and canning sauce.  The zinnias are so heavy they are toppled over.  The purple dahlias are breathtaking, but the hyacinth beans form an amazing arch over it all india levitra.  I read up on these beauties and learned that they are a food crop in other cultures.  For us they are just ornamental, attracting bees and butterflies  Thomas Jefferson planted them at Monticello, and that’s where we bought these beans.  Looking forward to saving some to plant next year. Perhaps we’ll cover the new fence.  Awesome!

Sep 8 2010

#1 Military Power; Not So High on Literacy


This, from the Writer’s Almanac:

“Today, the U.N. lists Cuba has as having the second-highest literacy rate in the world, after the country of Georgia. The United States ties for 21st place with Canada and several northern European countries.”