Shaping up for spring


Spring arrived all at once today,  and that inspired me to pack up the winter clothing and break out the summer duds.   First, I discovered I have three nightgowns I didn’t remember  Most disastrously, all last year’s clothes don’t even have wiggle room.  Ugh!

Roger found a free app for me, Nike+.  Plenty of people must be using it for running, but it works just as well for walking.  It tracks mileage, time and calories.  At intervals, a nice voice comes on to encourage me and give me the walking update.  There is a cumulative total mileage feature, which means nothing, but psychologically, it’s priceless  The app combined with two energetic dogs and new walking shoes, and I have to get moving.

I’m also using (on and off) mynetdiary, an app for weight loss.  It features target calories per day, exercise, weight, water consumed, and notes.  I like the graphs it can produce, including the food breakdowns.  Since it is connected to the web, all of the foods are updated, so most commercial items, like Planter’s Peanuts (did I eat those?), are easily accessible.

One area where I need extra help is in consuming water.  There is a grid of blue water droplets, and the user taps each one representing a glass of water consumed.

Both apps are great motivators–I guess the most important element for motivation is me!

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