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    Christmas Dinner: Roasted Rack of Venison with Red Currant and Cranberry Sauce


    Welcome the New Year!  For Christmas dinner with guests, Roger made Martha Stewart’s recipe:  Roast Rack of Venison with Red Currant and Cranberry Sauce.  He added garlic mashed potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts.  It was out of this world delicious, but before you start cooking, it required the elusive Juniper berry in the rub and red current in the sauce, both of which are not easily found in a local grocery store.  Maida and Roger (both planning to cook the same recipe) spent some time in frantic consultation.  He spent three or four days crafting the recipe in his mind, one day on the sauce, and another on the actual assembly.  Total Prep time: 4 days.  If we count that he had to shoot the deer first, Total Prep time:  well, it’s a labor of love.

    Otherwise, all is well in our humble abode.  We have arrived at 2012 with healthy children, a dynamite grandson, and 16 (and counting) months of happy marriage.  Peso and Blue are thriving, despite Blue’s regular mysterious vomiting.  The only thing lacking is a little (2 – 4” or more, please) snow.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    One Response to “Christmas Dinner: Roasted Rack of Venison with Red Currant and Cranberry Sauce”

    • Roger Says:

      That photo is NOT the dish I made; that’s a Martha photo. Mine wasn’t nearly that beautiful. Actually, it wasn’t even a rack I made, but a loin. Tasty still.

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