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    The Leftember Manifesto


    Recently, I heard a story on the radio that 40% of our food goes to waste.  (Here’s the link to the article published in The Atlantic.) The article clarified that not all of this food waste is in the home—some comes from spoilage long before it gets to the consumer, but I know Roger and I could work harder to eat what we buy, instead of letting it go to the dogs/chickens (literally).

    In addition, purchasing and using food proportionally to one’s needs is financially sound.  We could use some financial bedrock right now.  I found a great article that lists 14 reasons why leftovers make sense. (Linked here.)

    Finally, we are a week away from hunting season, when Roger begins to fill the freezer with venison.  It’s time to purge the freezer, pantry, refrigerator and cabinets.

    Let the month of September be Leftember!!

    This is a photo of all of the food and non-food items in the two cabinets and one drawer in the kitchen.

    Our rules:

    1. All lunches and dinners will incorporate food we have in storage or in the freezer.
    2. We will not eat out more than one time in the month of September.
    3. We can buy new food items if they are incorporated into a recipe where the main ingredients are already in our home.
    4. We can buy staples like wine, coffee, flour, dairy products, sugar and tea if they are consumed without waste.
    5. We will purge all expired, stale, and otherwise compromised foods.  This will include a thorough cleaning of the cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.
    6. Guests are welcome to bring rescue food.

    Note:  In anticipation of my mania, Roger made an emergency visit to Costco today, allegedly to stock up, but I approved his purchases, which were not rash—unless you count the beautiful new vacuum.

    Roger complains that this photo of our emptied cabinets is like hanging out dirty laundry, but a proper confession must be made in order to change our wasteful ways and enter the path to food conservation salvation.  Amen!

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