Book Nook

What Roger’s trying to read now or, miraculously, has completed:

  • Under The Banner Of Heaven, by Jon Krakaur; a good read like all his books, but too much creepy Mormon stuff.
  • Nudge: Excellent for understanding why we decide what we decide; its ideas very often come to mind, mostly when I need to refute someone else’s opinion. :-)
  • Next: Only made it through a few chapters, not because it wasn’t good, but because it seemed a bit old and I had other things to do.
  • The Tyranny of Dead Ideas by Matt Miller…with the Kindle app on my iPhone! Excellent in the ideas if not the writing; worth reading.  But my cynicism trumps; it’s just too much of a stretch to believe that Americans in particular will give up now-accepted ideas, e.g., that all taxes are bad.
  • Hunting From Home, A Year Afield in the Blue Ridge Mountains by Christopher Camuto.  Outstanding!  Natalie picked this up for me at a book sale near James Madison University  More fishing and birding than I would have expected or liked, but outstandingly well-written by an incredibly smart guy.

What Roger wants to read:

  • So, so much…

What Natalie’s reading:

  • See the Shelfari widget on our home page.