Apr 2 2010

Branchwater Training Center


Last night, Roger and I went to Branchwater Training Center in Reisterstown (http://www.branchwaterbc.com/) to see what agility dogs do and how to get Blue started.  The dogs were organized by size, and each had two minutes to run either a pink or green numbered course.  While we were there, we met our hostess, Doreen Suchting, and we saw a little of her large operation.  All sorts of dogs were enjoying the course, from some larger Swedish Mountain dogs, to some very tiny Boarder Collies.  There were experts and novices.  It was fascinating.  One woman asked us where we purchased our perfect dog, and we told her Penn Oak Aussies(http://www.pennoakkennel.com/blog/) Small world!  We were talking to Rick Ziesing’s sister, Amy!  We talked about dog training, the new puppies at Penn Oak (that we wish we could have!), and dogs, dogs, dogs.

OK.  We’re on our way–first more obedience training.  Another new friend, Jan Collins, recommended that we play more training games with Blue.  This morning, I woke up with new resolve to work with Blue.  Well, we’ll see if it lasts beyond noon.  Thank goodness Roger is consistent.

Feb 11 2010

Cross Country Skiing with Blue


Roger was excited to try out his cross country skis, and the weather was right last night. Some neighbors had plowed earlier in the day, but there was an additional two inches of powdery snow on the neighborhood streets. I went along to supervise Blue. Cross country skis were an adventure for the puppy who couldn’t stop barking at the tips. Surely, this dog will need therapy after a winter like ours!

Feb 6 2010



Glorious blizzard!  Blue Dog and I went for a walk this afternoon and captured some snow photos.  I can’t believe how big Blue has grown.  Every time we go to the vet he has put on three or four more pounds.   I took some garden photos, too.  Roger ordered his seeds this week and is making the plan for starting seeds in the basement.  Shortly, our pool table will become a mini-greenhouse.  Speaking of greenhouses, ours has held up under the 24+ inches of snow.  Amazing.

Dec 21 2009

Snow Day!


School is out until after the winter break!  There is no better Christmas present for me.  The Starego family came over today with pizza.  Nicole, Katie and I made our annual Christmas gifts for the family. (Surprise–not telling here!)  Katie overcame her fear of Blue long enough to be featured on the swing.  Life is very, very, good.

Dec 5 2009

Blue and Snow–All on Saturday


Unexpected?  Yes!  We received a call from our friends Leslie and Rick that the 12-week-old puppy, Blue, was ready for our home.  We made the trip to Wilmington, Delaware (a beautiful drive through the Brandywine Valley) and picked him up.  Already, Trixie and Blue are playing together, and the entire household has welcomed him.  He is cheerful and sweet-tempered.  Coincidentally, he romped in his first snowfall and chased snowballs all on our first day together.  Whew!  It’s 7:00 p.m. and I’m  exhausted!

I know, Mom.  This was unexpected.  Don’t worry.  (Well, OK.  Worry.)