Aug 12 2009

Flower Show Winners


I insisted that Roger enter his flowers in the flower show at the fair.  He asked me if we needed glass containers.  I said not to worry. We could recycle plastic water bottles for vases.  When I arrived with our flowers, I was confronted by the site of many gardeners and their carefully arranged and labeled flowers in delicate little glass bud vases and containers.  Yikes!  Did I miscalculate!  One woman was misting the flowers as she was checking them in with the judge.  Still, we won second place for our dahlia, third place for our zinnias, and third place for our marigolds.  The beautiful white gladiolus that I entered looked sad next to the winners, but, that’s just fine.  Wait until next year. . .

Aug 9 2009

Home Arts Winners at the Fair


I’m very proud of my nieces and nephews.  EVERY ONE of the entries won a prize ribbon.  Tobias and Elliott each took first place.  Nicole had a total of 10 entries in fine arts, woodworking and arts and crafts this year!  She earned ribbons in both the 8 – 11 age group and the 12 – 18 age group.  Our youngest fair participant, Oliver, submitted a fruit label box that took  fourth place.  Katie’s magnificent purse won a third place.  Garrett, who had a very difficult craft, took third place.   I’ve already started making a list of possible fair projects for 2010.  Yikes!  Watch out for this group of competitors!