Nov 7 2010

Channeling Martha Stewart


A copy of Martha Stewart Living fell into my hands, and I saw that Martha publishes a calendar of her monthly activities.  For example, today she is changing the batteries in her smoke detectors.  The calendar informs us about her planned trips, Thanksgiving activities, and daily exercise routine.

Here are my Natalie Rebetsky channeling Martha entries for November 4 – 7.    November 4:  Purchase tulip bulbs for fall planting.  November 5:  Early morning hunting in Pennsylvania.  November 6: Walking with high school friends through town of Somerset and visit to Falling Water, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home.    November 7:  Clocks turned back, marigold seeds harvested for next year.

OK.  I admit–I didn’t go hunting–I stayed in a warm house, but I did help Roger put up a new tree stand later!

Ahh!  Even the fairly poor and obscure people of the world can be calendar-worthy.