Jun 10 2009

All Fenced In. Free At Last!


We finished the fence Sunday a week ago, but this is the first chance I’ve had to put photos up.  7.5′ tall, x 37′ x 48′.  Or thereabouts storecialis.net.  It’s really nice to actually be able to garden, instead of fencing.  Good luck, deer!

Garden fence detail; tomato towers in background

Garden fence detail; tomato towers in background

Full view of the garden from the West

Full view of the garden from the West

Jun 2 2009

The Garden of Eatin’



On Sunday, Roger and I put up the green mesh for the fence.  Leo came along and gave advice throughout the process.  It helps to have a man who has already (a) done most of the prep labor and (b) done all of the thinking.   Although we usually work in harmony, I was suprised that this difficult task went so well. It was a three-hour job, but there is no question that the final product is beautiful.

After Roger put the finishing touches on the gate, we sad pondering the name for our garden.  No final decisions yet.  The finished product gives as much satisfaction as the vegetables that we will pick in August and September.

May 25 2009

The gate


After our visit to the Farmer’s Market and Gran’s, we were inspired to do some serious outdoor work.  I moved plants, weeded and planted the flowers that we bought that morning.  Roger continued on his labor of love–the fence.  By evening, he was working on the gate.  The black hinges are lovely, and the gate is perfectly aligned.  There’s no fence mesh, but the presence of the gate dictates that we enter at the gate and at no other point.gate5-24-09

May 10 2009

Pavers and Planting



Roger put down the pavers for the fence line on Saturday.  I’ve been warned that Mother’s Day is really a code word for Planting Day.  Onions and lettuce are tall enough to see from the house.  Can’t finish the fence until we move the peony bush, and it’s just starting to bloom!

Roger checks the weather more often than his email.  Last night, he kept watching the sky for signs of rain and studied the full moon, wind and stars with intensity.  I’m certain now that he was a farmer in a previous life–when he starts tasting the dirt, I’m going to have him checked out. 

After nearly two weeks of gray, this day has dawned sunny and warm. I can’t wait to get started!

Apr 8 2009

Prison Fencing


The guys spent all Sunday digging holes and setting fence posts.  The fence will be much higher than I originally imagined.  The fence will be deer-proof for certain.  rogerposts3