Jan 24 2010

Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibit


Terra Cotta Warriors 2Terra Cotta warriorsThere are plenty of adventures that begin with “I wish I hadn’t planned this months ago because now it will take up so much of my day.”  C.J. didn’t want to go.  I was worried about leaving the puppy home for so long.  A day later, after having seen the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit at the National Geographic Museum, I’m sorry the experience is over.  The tour, for us, lasted about 90 minutes–we rented the $5.00 audio tour.  I would have learned a great deal without the audio information, but I’m glad we paid the extra $5.00.  It was fascinating, and I can say that I learned a great deal more about China in one visit than I knew about the whole country in all of my reading.  This First Emperor’s innovations rival anything the ancient Romans established.  I don’t think there’s middle or high school student who wouldn’t find this amazing.  In fact, I caught myself repeating “unbelievable” in every part of the exhibit.  Some of the members of our group had seen the exhibit in the past–even one couple had seen it in China.  I can see why they wanted to see it again.  I will be looking for videos or interactive websites so that I can share the with my nieces and nephews.  (Ah, always the teacher!)terracotta-warriors-8