Apr 19 2009

Seeds In The Ground, Finally


Apologies, dear reader(s), for the long delay in posting…the list of distractions is long and varied.  Suffice it to say that the things keeping me from writing have, sadly, also slowed my progress in the garden.  The quick update: The seed-starting venture in the basement is enjoying mixed success; mixed no doubt because of inattention.  There will be a number of (hopefully viable) things to plant, but there have been a number of casualties as well.

Outside, two weekends ago, we had a productive fence-post session.  The holes are all dug, and about half of the wooden posts are set.  I screwed up and picked an 8′ where one of the 10′ should be, to frame the gate.  I’ll have to pull it and replace it.  CJ and Luke were a huge help with the heavy labor.  Meantime, I tilled the whole garden over.  As it turns out, it’s a little smaller than I thought when I stepped it off; 37′ wide by about 48′.  Plenty big enough.

So yesterday, despite a weekend-full of intense prep for CJ’s Eagle Scout ceremony, I managed to get most of the afternoon free to get back into the garden.  We had knocked together three 4×8′ frames for raised beds.  They’re made out of typical framing white pine (no pressure treated!), so I coated them with boiled linseed oil for protection.  I set the first one into the garden and planted onions, radishes, lettuce, carrots, and spinach.

It’s nice working with the short 4′ rows.  Maybe, finally, I’ll become a decent succession planter, which is something I’ve never been good at.  I’m looking forward to using the beds to segregate and rotate plantings.  We’ll start with six, and add three more in the Fall.  And then the back of the garden will be more open and free-form.

The plan is to put the other five beds in next Saturday.  We’ll see.