Oct 1 2009

Finally, Texting While Driving Is Illegal In Maryland. Yay!


Kudos to our Maryland lawmakers who got this one right.  As of today, it is illegal to text behind the wheel.  Now, if they would just outlaw ALL cell phone use while driving.

As an added bonus, teenagers now have to be 18 before they can get their full license.  Still too young IMHO, but a step in the right direction.

If you’re wondering just how dangerous distracted driving is, here’s an excellent, if long, article from the New York Times:

Driven to Distraction, from the New York Times

And if you really want to get serious about the safety of your loved ones, have them make this pledge and sign it.  Everyone in our household has.

Safe Driving Pledge

Jul 30 2009

Make Rt. 32 Safe


Tonight, Roger persuaded me to attend the community  meeting to voice our concerns about safety on Rt. 32 from Rt. 70 to the Carroll County line.  All of us have trouble entering and exiting the neighborhood, sometimes waiting 6 – 8 minutes at the entrance before pulling out onto the busy highway.  We encourage our young drivers to take River Road to Sykesville to avoid pulling out onto the highway.  C.J. and I stopped riding our bikes on Rt. 32 because of the dangers.  Most of all, every neighbor or friend has a near-miss or accident story to tell.

Roger and I took our neighbor, Leo, to the meeting.  There were 200+ community members, and the entire event was civil and well-organized.  I was impressed by the statements made by our neighbors, the politicians, police and county and state officials.  Roger had urged me to bring C.J., and I was sorry that I did not require his attendance. 

Howard Blackman, a community resident, has put together a website, http://www.makeroute32safe.com/index.html.  Please help by communicating to our county and state officials, urging them to support increased safety measures.  You can contact county executive Ken Ulman and other officials using the information supplied at Blackman’s website.

When traveling on Rt. 32, use your headlights and travel the posted speed limit:  50 mph.  Take your time, and be aware of other drivers around you.  Tonight we learned that our section of Rt. 32 carries 24,000 vehicles a day.  The volume on the road makes for impatience.   One speaker said it best.  We’re angry and frustrated, but we’re also very scared every time we travel on this road.  Cindy Haller, our neighbor, reminded all of us that children have their bus stops on Rt. 32.  Rt. 32 is the major road in our “neighborhood.”  It’s not just a highway from Westminster to Columia.