Feb 22 2009

Let the Planting Begin!


Today, the first seeds go in the dirt…in the basement.  We have plastic, eggcrate-type shelving (that was bought for, and will move to, the greenhouse); black trays and plant markers bought from Jung Seed; organic seed starting mixture from Lowe’s; and peat pots and saved yogurt cups from my inventory.  We’ll be setting up 4′ fluorescent lights, suspended from the ceiling on chains, so the height can be adjusted as the plants grow.  Ideally, the lights stay just 3-4″ above the plant tops.

We ordered seeds from Jung Seed.  I like them because they have nice varieties, and the seed packets are relatively small.  Like most obsessive gardeners, I have a very hard time discarding seeds; my “carryovers” no longer fit in even a large shoebox.

Today, We’ll be planting:

  • Broccoli, Packman Hybrid
  • Leek, Lincoln
  • Sweet Pepper, Fat ‘N Sassy Hybrid
  • Rosemary, unspecified
  • Basil, Sweet Italian Large Leaf
  • Basil, Jung’s Balcony Blend (free trial packet)
  • Delphinium, Blue Fountains
  • Achillea, Summer Berries (it’s just not a garden for me without yarrow)

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, it occurred to me that I should also start some tomatoes; I keep forgetting that we have a greenhouse.  Hopefully, I’ll get enough of a head start that we’ll be able to enter some in the Howard County Fair in early August.  BTW, with virtually no planning, last year we won second for sweet bell peppers and fourth for long Italian sweets.