Jul 25 2009

Go Fish!


Even though they’ve been open for eight years, I’ve avoided Go Fish! the British Fish and Chips shop in downtown Rehoboth.  After three days of “maybe,” I gave in to Roger’s persuasion and a wonderful meal that ended with English Sticky Toffee Pudding.  Here’s a link to the Food Network recipe.  It’s first on my list of recipes to try when I get home.  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/cooking-live/english-sticky-toffee-pudding-recipe/index.html.

If you’re in Rehoboth, the traditional fish and chips meal is outstanding.  We split an order because I couldn’t bring myself to eat all that fried food; however, when the meal was finished (all too soon), we debated ordering again. . .


Jul 24 2009

Rehoboth Beach


rogernicole7-23-09Shirley challenged us to walk to Gordon’s Pond and back, so we took a walk with Nicole (while CJ monitored his video world). These last few weeks before she goes to Syracuse are a bittersweet time.  After this, we spent several days indulging in Rummicube, Canasta, reading, more walking, beach time, napping, and eating.  When Roger suggested fish and chips, I told him that we had plenty of food (salad fixings from home) that God had provided.  He said that God had also provided us with all the food we could eat on the Boardwalk.  Not so reluctant to be convinced, I gave in.  We ate sushi at the Cultured Pearl and Nicola’s pizza, Coldstone Creamery and Kohr Bros. ice cream, Thrasher’s fries and Fisher’s popcorn.  Not all at once!  I hope there’s no weight limit on the Bay Bridge.  Ed and Shirley–Thank you for the beach condo!